SAILOR 100 GX: High Power VSAT System

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Cobham SATCOM’s new SAILOR 100 GX High Power Fleet Xpress user terminal is a compact 1 meter, 3-axis stabilized Ka-band user terminal specifically designed to enable Inmarsat’s newly launched high data rate plans packaged for bandwidth-hungry segments, such as offshore support vessels (OSV), global cruise and superyachts.

Delivering twice the RF power of standard GX terminals, the SAILOR 100 GX High Power dramatically improves the economics of pushing large amounts of data from ship to shore, while also improving overall service quality and availability around the globe.

Included in the system:

407009G-00500 Above Deck Unit (ADU), incl. 103cm reflector, 10W BUC, LNB, Mounting Accessories.
407016C-00506 Antenna Control Unit (ACU), AC Powered for 19″ rack mounting (1U).

– User & Installation Manual.
– AC Power cord.
– NMEA Multi-plug.
– 2x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable TX/RX ACU-VMU.
– Ethernet cable.
407023A-00500 GX Modem Unit (GMU) for 19″ rack/cabinet mounting (1U).
– 2x RS-232/RS-422 serial cable.
– 1x 115/230VAC Power cord





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