Paradigm CONNECT70: Ka-Band Inmarsat Global Xpress Terminal

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The CONNECT70 is the smallest fixed Global Xpress Certified Solution. Combining both optimal performance and functionality, the CONNECT70 provides access to the most advanced IP satellite services. The terminal is designed to provide the best possible performance on the Global Xpress network and is suitable for discreet installation and where space is limited.

Designed for extended usage in demanding environments, the CONNECT70 offers a variety of features to achieve the required accuracy needed for GX performance, including the One Touch Calibration function to enable simple RF-chain setup .

Supplied with either a Kingpost, Wall Mount, on-Penetrating Roof Mount, Tripod or Paradigm ISO Container Mount, the antenna system can be deployed/installed in any location.

Terminal M&C and modem operations are performed by the Indoor Paradigm Interface Module (PIM), which can optionally be supplied as a Rack Mount unit. For scenarios where the modem is required to operate outside, an Outdoor PIM option is offered.

Paradigm CONNECT70 is part of AST’s VSAT solution.





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