Iridium AD511 Active Antenna

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AD511-2 Iridium Active Antenna is designed to allow Iridium installations with up to 160 meters of coaxial RF cable, without any degradation of performance, compared to only 30 meters maximum for a standard passive antenna device.

These extended cable lengths offer the ability to provide Iridium installations on ships and land where previously an Iridium solution could not operate.

AD511-2 is supplied without coaxial cable as standard, but allows pre-set lengths between 27 and 160 meters subject to use of the correct AST identified coaxial cable.

NOTE: use of the incorrect cable at the specified length or shortening of the cable supplied can damage the antenna and invalidate the warranty.

AD511-2 Vs AD511
The most important change is that the power supply to the antenna has been reduced to 5.1 volts. The AD511-2 should only be used with the AD511-3 Break In Box. To make this easily identifiable in cases where the label may have been damaged, the power connector has been changed to a Switchcraft part. It is IP67 rated. The input voltage range to the Break In Box is identical to the old model so there is no need to change the power supply.

The colour of the AD511-2 anodised case is now grey rather than green. This again is to make the unit easily identifiable in cases where the label may have been damaged.

AD511-2 is manufactured from an anodised hard aluminium bottom case and a pressure moulded GRP radome to provide a sealed dust and water resistant antenna.

Package consists of Active Antenna head with heavy duty alloy mounting bracket and Power Break-In Box. This is designed to sit close to the Iridium phone device and requires a DC power input between 18 and 36vdc (Power supply not included). A 1 meter coaxial lead is supplied to connect the Iridium phone device to the Power Break-In Box.





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