EXPLORER 5075GX: Auto-Acquire Fly-Away Antenna

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This Cobham EXPLORER auto-acquire fly-away VSAT system is lightweight, rugged and portable. The terminal includes a fully integrated iDirect Core Module, and is configured specifically for operation on the Inmarsat Global Xpress® (GX) ka-band network. Its user-friendly design allows operators with little satellite experience to access GX services within minutes.

EXPLORER 5075GX land VSAT features an auto-acquire system that ensures connectivity to GX services with the push of a button. It’s that simple. No pointing is needed with EXPLORER 5075GX, it automatically finds the satellite in a matter of minutes, providing quick access even in remote locations.

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • 4-Piece Carbon Reflector
  • 0.75 m Axis-Symmetric Reflector
  • IPX5-compliant Baseband Packaging
  • WLAN Access Point and LAN interface
  • LCD Display and Web-Based User Interface
  • 2 Case Solution, Airline Checkable





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